72hr Supplytrack a10

Supply ammunition to the Frontline!

  1. New Version: a10

    -Made the train a bit faster

    -Changed lightning

    -Added another platform to the train

    -Redone skybox
  2. New version

    -Added a Tender to the train which provides some moving cover in mid

    -Made the Train slightly faster

    -Completely changed the lightning from dark and rainy to more of a sunset

    -Updated screenshots

    -Made the capture zone smaller

  3. New version

    -Made some props non-solid

    -Added block_bullet to the train so you cant place stickies on it anymore

    -Added a small brush to the bridge on the beginning of the track so you can jump more easily on the train

    -Updated screenshots

    -Redone some clipping

    -Redone some displacements
  4. Re-Uploaded

    Re-upload because of the site problems
  5. New version

    -Redone the curved ramp

    -Fixed a bug were the a team could open the enemies spawndoor

    -Added rain

    -Fixed a sightline straight to spawn

    -Redone some clipping

    -Fixed a visible nodraw in blues spawn
  6. New version

    -Redone Spawn courtyard and made everything a bit smaller

    -Added more health

    -Made a couple of areas bigger

    -Added a trigger_push to the train exit gates so that you don't get teleported

    -Redone the spawn doors

    -Made all lights non solid
  7. New version

    -Added more health and ammo around mid

    -Removed the big slopes in mid

    -Lots of small fixes

    -Redone some clipping

    -Made some dark areas brighter

    -Fixed the train doors
  8. New version

    -Redone most of mid

    -Redone the spawn area

    -More heath and ammo

    -If you get stuck on the train you get teleported instead of killed

  9. New version

    -Reduced the size of the spawnroom courtyard

    -Added Rain

    -Added third spawn exit

    -Removed the killtrigger in front of the Train

    -Added supply drops which randomly drop in and either have a small/medium ammopack or a small/medium healthpack

    -Added more cover around mid

    -Properly cliped the train tracks in the middle

    -You can now go into the train cab you cant however cap from there

    -Some optimising

    -Some detail work
  10. optimising

    -optimized a bit

    -redone displacements