Sundown a7

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Sundown a7

Tropical MVM, by LeSwordfish with a popfile by Alias.

What links Palm Springs, the London Ritz, the Lizard Spit motel in Lizard Spit, Alabama, and the Sundown resort in sunny (REDACTED)? Why, that they were the key, most gruelling battles of the robot wars. Lizard Spit was saved at the final moment by a floating-point error, and the London Ritz saw, in order, the first robot-human battle, the first robot-human truce, the first robot-human marriage, and the first robot-human episode of Celebrity Divorce Court. Past the waving palms and through the secret nuclear reactor of Sundown, however, the most furious fighting of any mechano-man conflict in human history was seen...
-Ebony and Binary: a history of robot-human relationships (C. Sharpe and non-fiction unit 0110100100, 1989)


In Sundown, Mann Vs Machine brings whole new challenges as you fight to defend the tropical sundown resort against three all-new popfiles.
  • In Suntan, airblasts and liquids are the order of the day, as a wave of flame-wielding robots sears through: with nearly every bot igniting players in some way or another, the cooling waters of the pools and the fountains become vital defensible positions. (Normal difficulty)
  • In Storm, the fight gets up-close and personal, with support bots rapelling from the rooftops and into the action itself. These bots cannot carry the bomb themselves, but the distraction they force means only the most well co-ordinated team can defend the hatch with them around. (Intermediate difficulty)
  • And in Siege, the giants arrive. (Advanced difficulty)
  • And in Sunburn, the flames return, turning up the heat for one of the hardest missions yet. (Expert difficulty)

Water texture from the maritime pack, wood and cloth textures from the construction pack. Thanks to turbo for helping me troubleshoot issues, alias for building the "sunburn" popfile, and EArkham for kindly allowing me the use of his custom hud textures.

To install, unpack the zip to your tf/ folder; this is necessary for the nav and popfiles.

To change to "Normal" mode (also the default), vote or type "tf_mvm_popfile normal" in the console.
To change to alias's advanced/expert mode, vote or type "tf_mvm_popfile expert" in the console

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