Hothouse a5

Rooftop/Urban/Construction-themed PLR, my entry to the Winter 2015 72hrcontest.

  1. LeSwordfish
    2015-08-29_00007.jpg 2015-08-29_00008.jpg 2015-08-29_00009.jpg 2015-08-29_00010.jpg 2015-08-29_00011.jpg 2015-08-29_00012.jpg 2015-08-29_00013.jpg 2015-08-29_00014.jpg
    This was my map for the winter 72hr contest - apparently I never made a thread for it. I want to push it through to beta and release in my downtime from Crusoe, but should probably check the gameplay is half-decent before doing that.

Recent Reviews

  1. Bunbun
    Version: a5
    Fun map, lots of height variation and open areas to fight around.