Crusoe a17b

A Maritime payload map set on a scottish island, by LeSwordfish and Tyler.

  1. LeSwordfish
    PL_Crusoe, by Tyler and LeSwordfish.

    Currently in a14 version.

    Uses assets from the Construction and Maritime packs, plus a Canoe made by Aly, an edited version of the Hydro doors by Tyler, a custom track curve by Seba, and though i can't remember what odds are good that there's something or other by Void or Rexy in here. Also apparently Seba blocked out the spawn.

    2015-07-27_00001.jpg 2015-08-13_00007.jpg 2015-08-13_00012.jpg 2015-08-13_00013.jpg 2015-08-22_00015.jpg 2015-08-22_00016.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. a17b
  2. A17
  3. a16 update!

Recent Reviews

  1. sailorsilvanesti
    Version: a17
    Looks hella exciting!
  2. Anonymous
    Version: a16
    Very good for TF2
  3. Grubzer
    Version: a16
    Map looks good. It will be amazing, if it will be added to the game!