Suisto A6

Just watch out for those trains.

  1. It is the toolsclippening

    -- Alpha 6
    • Added observer points
    • Capturing the Courtyard now shortens respawnwavetimes of the capturing team instead of increasing it for the team that owns it by default
    • Moved the metalstack and crate at base areas
    • Adjusted geometry at mid
    • Adjusted the lighting at the stairs leading to the lower routes
    • Clipped a whole bunch of areas to make it less likely to get stuck on spots
    • Changed the doors to the mid spawns so they look less weird
    • Changed the lower...

    -- Alpha 5
    • Added another rather questionable forward spawn so capping mid does more than just adjust spawn timers
    • Messed around with base areas again
      • Opened the window that was open in Alpha 1
      • Put a dangerous ladder so that window is traversable by both teams
        • Probably have to consider an actual alternate route in the event that simply opening a window isn't enough
    • Moved the Courtyard control points to the outer area of base areas rather...
  3. A return from a ride eternal

    -- Alpha 4
    • Set roundtime to 12min
      • Capturing points will not add time to the clock
    • Payload upgrades now buff both healing and movement speed
    • Adjusted geometry at the base area and mid
      • Made a corridor at base area wider
      • Removed a wall at the mid buildings to make them a bit more open
    • Adjusted kits at mid again
    • Adjusted train logic at mid again
    • Added two more Control Points so it's basically 5cp now
    • Added forward spawns...
  4. Light up the night

    -- Alpha 3
    • Adjusted kits at mid
    • Adjusted the lower route doors' triggers to have them open earlier
    • Adjusted lighting at base areas again
    • Adjusted geometry at base areas
    • Removed roundtime so the game will never end
    • The cart will now upgrade as the round begins to drag on, starting at 5min

    This is essentially the part where I try something stupid and see how stupid it is
  5. The ride never ends

    -- Alpha 2
    • Re-routed the pathway leading to either team's base area
    • Removed setup time as it was entirely pointless
    • Added a Control Point to mid
    • Added some brushes to the barricades in mid so they're solid now
    • Adjusted cart's push speed
    • Adjusted the cart's brush ent's height to fix a case where stickies could jam the cart in place
    • Adjusted the doorways leading to the base areas
    • Adjusted spawnrooms
    • Adjusted lighting at the base areas
    • Adjusted...