Styrofoam a5

The complete remake of 3cp map Shrimptown, all in your hands.

  1. The starchy Update (a5)

    starchy is a moderator.

    -moved red spawn positions
    -removed light_spot on C point
    -made a door, opens when a caps because people going the wrong way
    -some easier window route from left C flank to red B
    -nobuild on only the A roof
    -added lanterns under bridge
    -areaportals (not everywhere)
    -more snow near C
    -improved some lights
    -minor detailing
    -moved some decal
    -fixed capping behind the crate on 2nd and final
    -you can now hop onto the roof of A bridge with a few props
    -minor stuff
    -detailed A route to waters
    -detailed some of blu spawn
    -added funke dude
    -fixed red spawn tele entity not working (forgot to check clients rembember that Skittelz okay?)

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