Stratosphere A2

This download contains the .bsp, .nav, .pop, .vmt, and .vtf files required for the map to function.

  1. DerpzSpycrab
    The year is 197X, and the mercs are fighting Gray Mann's robot onslaught on the moon because I needed a reason to use the theme.

    Now, about the map itself:

    This was a map I started in January using an alpine theme ala Mannworks, but it just felt off to me. I then switched to the moon theme and it felt much better. The original layout was really shit and overscaled though, so I decided to basically start from scratch and remake it for the 72hr jam, albeit not entering it.

    I built the map around a gimmick that once the bomb reaches past the certain point, the robot spawn moves up as well as a second bomb being deployed. Other than that, it's just a normal MvM map.

    Changes for the future:

    • Get rid of that garbage sightline from RED spawn to the forward robot spawn.
    • Change the long narrow pathway near the beginning of the map.
    • Spectator cameras.
    • Cubemaps.
    • Engineer support.
    • The bomb crosses again after the bridge/ravine instead of going straight.
    • (MAYBE) The second bomb takes the opposite path of the first bomb.

    Special Thanks:

    One final note: If the popfile does not work when just placed in scripts/population, make a new subdirectory for it in custom with "foldername"/scrips/population.


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