Stormy Hill

Stormy Hill a3

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Retested this map recently and got surprisingly good reception despite it's issues, so now I'm working on it again!


Replaced water texture with No Draw, only leaving the top layer as water

Added Water Lod Control

Adjusted some textures

Adjusted stairs and clipping

Adjusted underside of map

Updated some of the pickup patches

Removed the connector next to the point

Adjusted the high connectors to the building on mid and added a new route onto mid

Adjusted the skybox to make it not a diaper skybox

Overhauled interior lighting and the lighting in the mid building

Adjusted some pickups

Filled out mid a lil’ bit and added slight height variation to the Control Point

Filled out the side rooms and separated the side room onlooking the spawn rooms

Extended the rock formations outward to prevent jumping classes from jumping from spawn to spawn

Added and built Cubemaps
Changed the aesthetics of the maps, primarily the skybox, lighting and weather affects. The map is now called Stormy Hill.

Adjusted Mid area by moving the watchtower area closer in and adjusting how players get to it's upper level

Blocked a nasty Sniper sightline by changing one of the paths to Mid.

Changed a path to mid that offers another area of high ground around the point.

Added props underneath the staircases near blu and red spawn so players can no longer access it.

Fixed the resupply lockers in blu spawn so they now function properly.

Adjusted clipping so players can't stand on thin air or get stuck, or just be where they're not supposed to

Adjusted health and ammopack locations accordingly and added patches that previously weren't there


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