Stormy Hill

Stormy Hill a3

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Stormy Hill a3

A simple King of the Hill map taking place on a hill in the middle of a thunderstorm

When two teams of mercenaries start fighting over a hill, this is what happens! Complete with a big thunderstorm for dramatic tension!

In all seriousness, this is a mirrored King of the Hill map that tries to focus on upward mobility towards the central point. With multiple paths towards the goal!
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Latest updates

  1. Welcome Back Update

    Retested this map recently and got surprisingly good reception despite it's issues, so now I'm working on it again! Changelog: Replaced water texture with No Draw, only leaving the top layer as water Added Water Lod Control Adjusted some...
  2. Stormy Hill Update

    Changed the aesthetics of the maps, primarily the skybox, lighting and weather affects. The map is now called Stormy Hill. Adjusted Mid area by moving the watchtower area closer in and adjusting how players get to it's upper level Blocked a...