Stormblitz a1b

A 4cp snow themed payload map that experiments with height variation

  1. a1b update

    a1b update changelog:

    - Modified respawn wave times slightly for both teams.
    - Moved around health and ammo pickups, particularly around A and D.
    - The sizes of some health and ammo pickups have been changed, mainly from small to medium or vice versa.
    - Removed the medium ammo box on the flank building on the right that leads into D.
    - The cliff displacements to the right of B have been made more distinct.
    - Added two crates for Red to climb up to gain some high ground over Blu where the...
  2. a1a update

    a1a update changelog:

    - Replaced the engine-intensive block bullets and clipping over part of the map with skybox, hopefully leading to less rendering and better fps.
    - Raised the buildings' roofs much higher.
    - Deleted parts of the large empty snowy area that was clipped off in order to try to raise performance
    - The map now should not render all at once due to the aforementioned replacment of the clipping with skybox!.
    - Overall file size has been drastically decreased from around 7.7 mb...