Stormblitz a1b

A 4cp snow themed payload map that experiments with height variation

  1. a1a update

    a1a update changelog:

    - Replaced the engine-intensive block bullets and clipping over part of the map with skybox, hopefully leading to less rendering and better fps.
    - Raised the buildings' roofs much higher.
    - Deleted parts of the large empty snowy area that was clipped off in order to try to raise performance
    - The map now should not render all at once due to the aforementioned replacment of the clipping with skybox!.
    - Overall file size has been drastically decreased from around 7.7 mb to around 1.9 mb!
    - Added a small cover area coming out of the left exit of Red's last soawn
    - Removed the one way door in the red shack with the laser right outside blu's first spawn.
    - Made it so that the cubby hole with a full ammo at Red's final base has some walls so there's a bit more cover.
    - Added a small health near the medium ammo overlooking the final point to aid red defending - the only over health that red could reasonably get to from defending the last point was out of the way in one of the side buildings.
    - Removed one of the barrels in the drop down from blu's high ground over the last point. I'm still not a huge fan of having the barrel there since it's not reliable to use to crouch jump up, but I feel as though a staircase would be cramped and too maze-like.
    - The maximum timer is now set to 10 minutes (down from 15, which was way higher than all the time in the map combined, so it is effectively no longer not capped). This should prevent 12+ minutes of defending last.
    = Added a large blu team logo overlay in Blu's initial spawn to match that of Red's in their final spawn.
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