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Steep rc3a

Mann vs. Machine vs. Mining vs. Mountain

  1. Idolon
    2nd place winner of the 2017 Mappers vs. Machines contest. An abandoned mining facility set on a large slope puts an emphasis on vertical combat.

    A map by Idolon (layout, waves, detailing) and Phi (optimization).

    Big thanks to Hydrogen for scheduling regular tests of this map as well as the so-called "night crew" of MvM map testers. Without them this map wouldn't have been possible. Thanks also to Luxatile for her I.D.O sign.

    The main download only contains a .bsp. Download the navigation and population files here.


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Recent Reviews

  1. g00dDog
    Version: rc3a
    Team tested. Team approved. Toward the end, the botss just overwhelm by shear numbers, and therewach too many diverging pathways too outflank 6-10 players. With a smart pyro to take advantage of the broken fence, or the misplaced bottomless pit,
    you have a chance. Start with a good Engineer, and you can mitigate their advance, but one bad move, you'll hate an inexperienced pyro.
    However, this is one of our favorite TESTED maps. My friends test maps, another created a server, and I help maintain our friends, and our server, so I will not name it here. Good map. A favorite with minimal design flaws to ruin your fun.