Steep rc2

Mann vs. Machine vs. Mining vs. Mountain

  1. rc2


    Players and bots should no longer be able to escape the map, and engineer bots should build things on the ground instead of the air.

    I have updated the existing pop/nav downloads post to include new files for rc2. You can also "get" the new files by just renaming your existing files, because that's all I did.
  2. Release Candidate

    Release Candidate
    The final version of this map, ideally. Post will be followed shortly by a separate download for pop/nav files.

    -various detailing updates and changes
    -moved crates by cave flank so tanks don't clip through them
    -added grate above spawn exit to hint at the existence of an upper balcony level
    -adjusted cover around hatch area
    -adjusted fence around cliff-side deathpit to make killing robots easier
    -fixed some clipping exploits
    -minor lightmap optimization
  3. b3

    Contest release!

    map changes:
    -optimization (thanks phi!)
    -fixed nav blocker on hill route
    -added doorframes
    -widened stairs by hill building porch
    -fixed water cooler

    normal popfile:
    WAVE 1:
    -adjusted maxactive so wave doesn't drag on if players start lagging behind

    WAVE 2:
    -reduced demoknight count (spawncount/maxactive from 3/6 to 2/4)

    WAVE 5:
    -changed soldier/pyro support count (spawncount/maxactive from 4/8 to 3/6)
    -changed soldier/pyro support ratio from 1:1 to 2:1 (2...
  4. b2

    map changes:
    -more artpass. 3dsky, soundscapes, cubemaps, spec cams, clipping, etc. are all done. map is ready to submit barring any popfile changes. phi is doing optimization for b3 (contest version)

    normal pop changes:
    -changed max respawn time from 7 to 4

    WAVE 1:
    -reduced second subwave of soldiers from 20 bots to 15

    WAVE 2:
    -increased time between heavy spawns (from 4s to 6s)

    images later because im busy!!!!
  5. a10

    map changes:
    -more artpass

    anticipated map changes:
    -more artpass

    normal popfile:
    WAVE 1:
    -fixed bug where second soldier wave gave too much money

    WAVE 2:
    -swapped scouts and heavies to change pacing of the wave
    -demoknights enter sooner (from 30s wait to 10s)

    WAVE 3:
    -removed pyro mission because it didn't work how i expected

    WAVE 4:
    -changed giant pyro/flare pyro support to giant demo/demoknight support

    WAVE 5:
    -changed soldiers and pyros to support, reduced spawn rate

    WAVE 6:...
  6. a9

    -started artpass
    -added engineer hints
    -added more nav blockers
    -added crates to jump up to cave flank (scout or jump height upgrade only)
    -added medium health/ammo to hill building near the front balcony
    -added normal popfile


    1. mvm_ido_a90000.jpg
    2. mvm_ido_a90001.jpg
  7. a8

    map changes:
    -added cave flank
    -resized hatch area to fit in a staircase so standing on the hatch isn't a dead-end
    -moved hill deathpit to center so its more difficult to use
    -resized both deathpits to 256 untis wide instead of 384 to make them more difficult to use
    -changed lighting near cave deathpit to make it read more like one
    -nudged the stairs in the hill building around some
    -added nobuild to small roof sections on hill building
    -moved full health from main hill building to mid...
  8. a7

    map changes:
    -redid hill route pretty much completely. building is totally redone to better support its use in fighting robots and the reset route has been replaced with a deathpit (fence is now directly by train tracks and a small section of it is missing)
    -cave route got a makeover so each of the pre-existing platforms overlooking the bomb path is more easily accessible and usable. the reset route is gone and there is now a deathpit. pickups got all moved around as per usual
    -increased map...
  9. a6

    map changes:
    -moved convergence into the hillside by 256 units. this should make the two bomb paths more similar in length
    -rescaled several things near the convergence: both paths in are now 320 wide instead of 256/384, red building on hill is now 384 wide instead of 512
    -removed hopper dropzone in cave because it was hard to use and conflicted with other geometry after resizing things
    -nudged rock pile at entry area up 16 units to make certain jumps easier
    -simplified geometry at lower bot...
  10. a5 fix

    Forgot to include a bot template file. That's included now.