Standin-style CP with overtime

Standin-style CP with overtime v1

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Standin-style CP with overtime v1

Standin-style 3CP domination with working overtime

This is logic for 3CP Standin-style domination (one team wins by capping and holding all three points) with support for overtime mechanics, which enables when a team caps their third control point while the opposing team is contesting one or both of their other points.
It contains: Three control points with standard I/O, plus special I/O to enable overtime; base logic for Standin-style CP; logic for overtime and spawn times; and some geometry for organization. All of this is grouped together in handy user visgroups.


Standin-style CP doesn't enable overtime by default, and this tends to confuse people sometimes. Also, with the "Rule of Threes" contest going on, I expect people might be wanting to make a Standin-style map for the contest; I've been sitting on this logic for a while, so I thought now would be a good time to release it to the public.

Just copy the control points into your map where you want to place them, and use vertex edit to stretch the capture trigger to take up the area you want it to. All the logic for each control point is grouped together for ease of copying, so just copy it all in together. Then copy the base logic and all the overtime logic in, and just place it in some random place in your map (ideally somewhere where you can access it easily in case of troubleshooting).
***!!! IMPORTANT NOTE !!!***
Some of the logic works to change the capture time of each capture point to simulate overtime; each point has a logic_compare named num_cappers_compare_[point] in the center above it which handles this. If you want to change the capture time of the points, make sure to change the number at the end of the output "OnGreaterThan cap_zone AddOutput area_time_to_cap [number]" to the capture time you want, and change the number at the end of the output "OnEqualTo cap_zone AddOutput area_time_to_cap [number]" to 1/6th that number. The capture time you set in the trigger_capture_area entity is technically not needed, as it is instantly overwritten, but I'd still suggest changing it anyways, just to keep track of things easier.

This hasn't been fully tested yet (I wanted to get it out before the custom content deadline for the contest), so if you run into any bugs, or have any questions, please let me know in this thread! Feel free to @ me in the #mapping-help channel in the Discord as well! If you end up using this logic in your map, you don't need to add me as a contributor or anything, but a shout-out would be nice.
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