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Soldier of Dance (Kazotsky Kick) Fugue 2022.07.24

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Soldier of Dance (Kazotsky Kick) Fugue 2022.07.24

A fugue based off of the A section of Soldier of Dance (the Kazotsky Kick music)

Soldier of Dance fugue-1.png

Soldier of Dance fugue-2.png

A fugue that I wrote off of the A section from Soldier of Dance. Currently, it's only a three-voice exposition, as I ran out of inspiration. I was wanting to incorporate the B section, maybe as a second theme as a part of a double fugue, but I couldn't get it to work in a way that I liked, though I was able to have a quote from the outro that bridges the B section back to the A section as a sequence to modulate from the second to the third entry of the theme. I'm not super proud of what I ended up with, but it's better than nothing. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy!
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