Stallberg rc1

Rottenburg/Gorge-style single stage Payload map.

  1. New name + Release + Some smaller fixes

    I am happy to announce that this update will mark the public release of Wreckenberg - now known as Stallberg because Wreckenberg is a bad name.

    This map took a lot of effort and a lot of annoying the crap out of TF2maps community members to get them to help me fix some lighting issues, but it was all worth it in the end!

    I learned a lot during this map, and while often stressful was also a lot of fun to develop.

    - Updated the original download with the most recent...
  2. Hotfix

    Quick version swap! I accidentally pushed the version out that bumpmaps disabled on a lot of the ye olden hamlet buildings which led to a bunch of lighting errors on higher settings. It was an older compile.

    This update basically switches out the old version with the newer one, where this issue doesn't persist. The rest of the changelog holds true.
  3. Finish line ahead

    I was finally able to crack down on several lighting issues thanks to the help provided in not only the Discord, but also the forums here, so a big thank you to everyone that helped.

    This finally cleared one of my biggest frustrations I had with the map, and I am happy to say that unless my mind suddenly changes, release is crystal clear very very soon ahead, making B6 very likely the last in the beta line and the following imp very likely the last.

    The map has been tested even outside...
  4. Clipping it up + Getting rid of the lighting issues

    Moving closer to release.

    - Added HDR support
    - Fixed several lighting issues
    - clipped several things you could get stuck on
    - Fixed a few exploits
    - Adjusted respawn times


    Fix like the last 3 lighting issues left, I can't get rid of them

  5. A little balancing

    Even though the last imp was quite messy with the teams being decently unbalanced, people friendlying and what not, I was still able to find some valuable data out of it.

    - put down judgement on several spots and clipped them - some will stay though, as I do not find them to be problematic.
    - Adjusted respawn times for 1st and 2nd
    - Closed the window around 1st and slowed the cart down as it goes up hil in an effort to simplify the area and allow RED to hold it for longer. This...
  6. I can touch, I can feel, I can hear and see, so much more than a fantasy!

    This update adds the leftovers of what would need to be something I personally consider a full package map - standard stuff that was missing before. With this update, you've got the whole happy meal on your toes now. Minus the crusty fries because we still have some lighting issues to deal with..

    - Reworked the arch gate around second so the second opening doesn't look ugly
    - Added Soundscapes/Ambience all over the map! Wow, you can actually hear things now and the inner of a...
  7. It's the small things in updates

    This update mostly fixes smaller, non-fully gameplay related issues as the first test went pretty smoothly with no gameplay balancing issues detected yet.

    Things changed include fixes to a few visual issues, a few playerclips here and there to ensure smooth gameplay and a few fading props being toned down.

    I'd also like to address a specific kind of feedback received - the "Should I really be able to stand here" feedback.
    I personally believe that these "strange" spots are what give maps a...
  8. The Big One

    After spending the last month or so mapping every single day, a lot of asking in the TF2Maps discord and a lot of fiddling around, I am happy to present the beta update for Fraud - now temporarily(?) renamed to "Wreckenberg".

    The map in it's current state with this update is entirely fully detailed, skybox and even the tiniest of patches for healthpacks included.

    The current things still to be done are:
    - Adding soundscapes
    - Fixing a few lighting issues
    - Squashing issues found from...
  9. O-oooooooooo AAAAE-A-A-I-A-U- JO-oooooooooooo AAE-O-A-A-U-U-A- E-eee-ee-eee AAAAE-A-E-I-E-A- JO-ooo-

    Mostly smaller touch-ups and a rather big change for first.

    - Removed RED's first spawn in an effort to make first less difficult for BLU
    - Added a window at first
    - Adjusted overall respawntimes
    - Added cover at the highground at last so players which leave spawn will no longer get eradicated by snipers
    - A bunch of misc changes
  10. Slight Cap 1 Overhaul + Misc stuff

    In response to Cap 1 being awkwardly hard to cap, I have decided to expand the area a bit - making the cap area less cramped and hopefully more accessible for BLU.

    As far as the rest goes, I am personally happy enough with the map (if the cap 1 shit goes right) that I am heavily considering starting to detail it a bit and entering beta. If my opinion will change on this, we will see.

    - Made the Cap 1 building larger and expanded the ceiling a bit so it isn't as cramped
    - as a...