Stallberg rc3

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Now this one took longer than I anticipated.

- Updated the cliff area around second and the cliff area around the building at first:


While I personally believe both variants look worse, the large gap between the rocks and the lack-thereof on the other rockwall that was commonly making players think they can access the rocks should help communicate to players that they cannot walk on them.
- Fixed up some prop-fade distances
- Fixed func_brushes being in gameplay spaces, preventing stickies from sticking to the ground.
- Removed the platform sticking out from RED's first spawn into the stairs upwards - it was very awkward to move around and honestly has no reason to be there.
- Added a func_nobuild for teleporters at the platform around the cliff at last
- Made the collision around the rocks much more closely resemble the actual rocks.
- Fixed the cart getting stuck on the bulletblock2 brushes around the cap-models
- Fixed a few more lighting issues
First of all I wanted to say thanks to the players that are playing Stallberg and are submitting feedback. Ever since I pushed this beast out into the world, the reception has been very welcoming.
This Update is pretty late. This stems from the fact that I had started my first semester at University 8 weeks ago, and as it turns out these 8 weeks were sucking every single ounce of time I had left out of me. Change happened, which is why I have more time now.

But personal stuff is not on the table; Here are the changes. The problems beforehand were all mostly visual, which is why I didn't make this update a huge priority. There are some slightly more significant ones there, though.

- Fixed pasterwalls at last and second using wrong textures causing lighting issues
- Fixed missplaced texture within the building at third
- Introduced a small extension to the building on second. This should block a nasty sniper sightline into RED's building from incredibly far away and should also introduce a new, cute way of getting to the highground via. the Detonator, as scout etc.
- Added bulletblockers to the capture point models to prevent stickies to be hidden in them.
- Fixed the cart making the screen shake at third under unfortunate circumstances
- Made the cart move slightly faster at second
- Slowed the cart down when going uphill at third to give the enemy team slightly more time
- Decreased explosion radius of Payload when winning the game as BLU.

That should hopefully be the last touchup I have to do for the map. I like the way it plays at the moment, but honestly the main reason this patch happened was because of this inexcusable texture missplacement:

...Which I have only noticed like 100 days after the initial release of the map. Mental.
I am happy to announce that this update will mark the public release of Wreckenberg - now known as Stallberg because Wreckenberg is a bad name.

This map took a lot of effort and a lot of annoying the crap out of TF2maps community members to get them to help me fix some lighting issues, but it was all worth it in the end!

I learned a lot during this map, and while often stressful was also a lot of fun to develop.

- Updated the original download with the most recent description, name, screenshots etc.
- Changed name from "Wreckenberg" to "Stallberg"
- Fixed a few texture issues
- Fixed a few lighting issues
- Fixed resupply lockers not animating properly
- Clipped a few brushes
- Slightly adjusted detailing at a few areas

I'm off to uni now, but I hope we'll meet again in a TF2Maps server near you!
Quick version swap! I accidentally pushed the version out that bumpmaps disabled on a lot of the ye olden hamlet buildings which led to a bunch of lighting errors on higher settings. It was an older compile.

This update basically switches out the old version with the newer one, where this issue doesn't persist. The rest of the changelog holds true.
I was finally able to crack down on several lighting issues thanks to the help provided in not only the Discord, but also the forums here, so a big thank you to everyone that helped.

This finally cleared one of my biggest frustrations I had with the map, and I am happy to say that unless my mind suddenly changes, release is crystal clear very very soon ahead, making B6 very likely the last in the beta line and the following imp very likely the last.

The map has been tested even outside TF2Maps and from both a visual and gameplay perspective, I received a thumbs-up from groups I very clearly trust as far as TF2 goes.

But for all I know I'll realize I left out a big thing while I'm under the shower tonight and I'll sit on this map for the next month - let's hope not!

Either way, the changelog:
- Clipped the absolutely living hell out of the map. A lot of detailing support beams will now be non-solid, which means that explosive classes and the like should not bump their heads on them and be freely allowed to jump with their fullest potential.
- Fixed a few non-solid props in gameplay spaces.
- Fixed several incredibly annoying lighting issues!
- Raised the non-accessible roof around the flank at second to prevent players from thinking they can go on top of it.
- Changed a few HDR values.

See you next imp, it'll be an interesting one!
Moving closer to release.

- Added HDR support
- Fixed several lighting issues
- clipped several things you could get stuck on
- Fixed a few exploits
- Adjusted respawn times


Fix like the last 3 lighting issues left, I can't get rid of them

Even though the last imp was quite messy with the teams being decently unbalanced, people friendlying and what not, I was still able to find some valuable data out of it.

- put down judgement on several spots and clipped them - some will stay though, as I do not find them to be problematic.
- Adjusted respawn times for 1st and 2nd
- Closed the window around 1st and slowed the cart down as it goes up hil in an effort to simplify the area and allow RED to hold it for longer. This should significantly impact the performance RED has on the first point, as before RED would often just get beaned out of it. It also makes the Sentry on the highground a lot more powerful.
- Fixed some ways of shooting into BLU spawn's outdoor area.

Given I am mostly focusing on balancing and want to see how these changes play out, smaller bugs such as lighting issues/purely visual ones will be fixed at a later date.
This update adds the leftovers of what would need to be something I personally consider a full package map - standard stuff that was missing before. With this update, you've got the whole happy meal on your toes now. Minus the crusty fries because we still have some lighting issues to deal with..

- Reworked the arch gate around second so the second opening doesn't look ugly
- Added Soundscapes/Ambience all over the map! Wow, you can actually hear things now and the inner of a building sounds like it should, alongside of that waterfall...
- RED will now instantly respawn after third is capped.
- Arrows have been deleted/relocated
- Added a decent chunk of "No entry" street signs over doors to prevent players from walking into the wrong direction - unless they were to entirely ignore it.
- A few detailing touch-ups here and there
- Fixed several fade distances
- Clipped a few areas
- Added really cool demoknight jumps at second and first
- Touched up a certain secret hidden in the map :)
- Fixed a few fullblack faces/screwed props
- Added spectator cameras
- Some more optimization efforts

- Continue to keep a steady eye on imps to make sure gameplay works as I imagine it to
- Fix some lighting issues
- A light touch of detailing here and there maybe

See you next imp!
This update mostly fixes smaller, non-fully gameplay related issues as the first test went pretty smoothly with no gameplay balancing issues detected yet.

Things changed include fixes to a few visual issues, a few playerclips here and there to ensure smooth gameplay and a few fading props being toned down.

I'd also like to address a specific kind of feedback received - the "Should I really be able to stand here" feedback.
I personally believe that these "strange" spots are what give maps a lot of charm. When I was newer to TF2 but started to understand how maps worked and the like, I actively seeked out these spots. They are a ways to reward players that explore with tactical areas to stand in.

Unless the spot allows for something gamebreaking such as a cursed sniper sightline, chances are they will stay

Until the next imp!
After spending the last month or so mapping every single day, a lot of asking in the TF2Maps discord and a lot of fiddling around, I am happy to present the beta update for Fraud - now temporarily(?) renamed to "Wreckenberg".

The map in it's current state with this update is entirely fully detailed, skybox and even the tiniest of patches for healthpacks included.

The current things still to be done are:
- Adding soundscapes
- Fixing a few lighting issues
- Squashing issues found from actually playtesting the beta!

I learned a lot from this process, and while I am pretty confident in the balance of the maps given the numerous runs in alpha, we will see.

No changelog; There are too many changes. The map itself staid mostly the same - but there are a lot - and I mean a lot - smaller changes scattered all across the map during the process of detailing.

Here are some sloppy screenshots!

If you have name suggestions, please suggest them!
Fraud as a name is pretty bad. Wreckenberg is more on the nose, but is also kinda eh in my opinion. Bergkamp sounds nice, but might be too foreign for people that don't know german.

Either way, see you next imp hopefully!


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