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Stallberg rc3

Rottenburg/Gorge-style single stage Payload map.

  1. Nevermind I guess there is more polish

    Now this one took longer than I anticipated.

    - Updated the cliff area around second and the cliff area around the building at first:

    While I personally believe both variants look worse, the large gap between the rocks and the lack-thereof on the other rockwall that was commonly making players think they can access the rocks should help communicate to players that they cannot walk on them.
    - Fixed up some prop-fade distances
    - Fixed func_brushes being in gameplay spaces, preventing stickies from sticking to the ground.
    - Removed the platform sticking out from RED's first spawn into the stairs upwards - it was very awkward to move around and honestly has no reason to be there.
    - Added a func_nobuild for teleporters at the platform around the cliff at last
    - Made the collision around the rocks much more closely resemble the actual rocks.
    - Fixed the cart getting stuck on the bulletblock2 brushes around the cap-models
    - Fixed a few more lighting issues
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