Stallberg rc3

Rottenburg/Gorge-style single stage Payload map.

  1. Post-release Polish. "PP" for short.

    First of all I wanted to say thanks to the players that are playing Stallberg and are submitting feedback. Ever since I pushed this beast out into the world, the reception has been very welcoming.
    This Update is pretty late. This stems from the fact that I had started my first semester at University 8 weeks ago, and as it turns out these 8 weeks were sucking every single ounce of time I had left out of me. Change happened, which is why I have more time now.

    But personal stuff is not on the table; Here are the changes. The problems beforehand were all mostly visual, which is why I didn't make this update a huge priority. There are some slightly more significant ones there, though.

    - Fixed pasterwalls at last and second using wrong textures causing lighting issues
    - Fixed missplaced texture within the building at third
    - Introduced a small extension to the building on second. This should block a nasty sniper sightline into RED's building from incredibly far away and should also introduce a new, cute way of getting to the highground via. the Detonator, as scout etc.
    - Added bulletblockers to the capture point models to prevent stickies to be hidden in them.
    - Fixed the cart making the screen shake at third under unfortunate circumstances
    - Made the cart move slightly faster at second
    - Slowed the cart down when going uphill at third to give the enemy team slightly more time
    - Decreased explosion radius of Payload when winning the game as BLU.

    That should hopefully be the last touchup I have to do for the map. I like the way it plays at the moment, but honestly the main reason this patch happened was because of this inexcusable texture missplacement:
    ...Which I have only noticed like 100 days after the initial release of the map. Mental.
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