Stallberg rc1

Rottenburg/Gorge-style single stage Payload map.

  1. light a candle for the first point

    After a decent chunk of feedback and fizzling around, I decided that the first point needs an entire new design. The current one just isn't bring in the results I want it to bring; It isn't fun, and it is the primal factor as to *why* the second point feels like such a huge slog - atleast that's what I personally believe. The hill part seems fine.

    So, the first point is now entirely revamped alongside of the "entrance" to the second point.

    Given it's entirely new, I expect it to be lightly problematic; we will see.

    - First point has been entirely remade
    - 3rd cap should now have slightly less right angles and feel less clunky
    -fixed some sightlines
    - made blu spawn a bit bigger + the left spawn exist should now lead to a highground making it less vulnerable to be camped
    - various misc fixes including fixing the fucked playerclips
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