Medieval Spamalot A13

Multi-Stage Medieval Mode

  1. A13 Stage 2 revisions

    A13 Changelog
    • Removed Uber Powerup
    • Fixed bug where players would gain Dalokohs Bar buff on all power ups

    Stage 1
    • Moved CP2 over to where it can't be seen from the doorway

    Stage 2
    • Major layout changes for CP1 + CP2
    • CP1: Added flank
    • CP1: Moved BLU entrance door over so it cannot be shot at from the CP
    • CP2: Completely revised


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    2. 20190901150710_1.jpg
    3. 20190901150718_1.jpg
    4. 20190901150759_1.jpg
  2. A12 Lots of stuff

    A12 Changelog
    • Made some capture areas bigger
    • Experimenting with displacements
    • Detailing
    • Fixed unwalkable displacements
    • Added three new powerups: Battalion's Backup (+20 HP, -35% dmg Buff for 10 seconds), Ubercharge (Ubered for 8 seconds), Crit-a-Cola (Mini-crits for 8 seconds, marked for death after attacking)
    • Optimized framerate with Hint+skip and areaportals
    • Fixed double Medieval fanfare at round beginning

    Stage 1
    • Added...
  3. A11 Spy unbanned and Displacements adjusted

    A11 Changelog
    • Fixed wrong mission goal strings
    • Spy is now unbanned from the map (since the trap didn't work right)

    Stage 1
    • Reworked some displacements so most are walkable.
    • Fixed a hole in the wall in BLU spawn
    • Added an extra route inside the castle
    • Removed the main entrance doors from the castle
    • Increased respawn time for RED when first two CPs are captured (6s, was 5s)
    • Reduced final CP capture time to 2.5s (from 5)
  4. A10b Adjustments

    • Fixed Spy from being playable. (Spies now teleport outside the map on Stage 2)
    • Fixed darkness in Stage 1 BLU spawn.
    • Added some area portals and changed some curved architecture to func_detail.
  5. A10a HDR settings adjustment

    • Adjusted HDR / Bloom.
    • Disabled custom drops gotten from kills
  6. A10 New stage 1, New Cool Stuff (Spy Banned)

    Main highlights:
    • New Stage 1: Featuring lots of snow. Also, now is 3CP (from 2CP).
    • New Power-ups: Pick up the Soldier's Concheror, Heavy's Dalokohs Bar or Spy's Invisibility Watch.
    • Spy Can Die by Fire: Spy is banned from the map. Any time you pick the class you're sent to a snowy hellscape. (Where you burn, and perish ya sleuthy-scum!)
    • Soldiers can build Rage in spawn by attacking the dummy.
    Other stuff:
    • Adjusted some spawn packs...
  7. A9a Player Learning, Possible Lag Fix

    A9a Changelog
    -Changed most env_soundscape to env_soundscape_proxy to reduce errors and possibly lag.

    Stage 1
    -Brightened up main doorway to RED Keep.
    -Addressed learning curve for boots. RED Spawn now requires boots to leave by jumping over a gate.
  8. A9 Magic Boots Tweaks and Responses to Feedback

    A9 Changelog

    Stage 1

    • Magic Boots now only last 3 jumps before disappearing (at which your character only jumps regular height).
    • Magic Boots can no longer stomp people. Instead, it negates fall damage (only when the boots are on).
    • Magic Boots now glow purple.
    • Magic Boots now have lift-off and landing particles/sounds.
    • Removed FOV on all spectator cameras.
    • Changed color of the ground on BLU side.
    • Changed steepness of hill to be able to walk up on...
  9. A8a Code Cleanup

    A8a Changelog
    • Improved player naming logic.
    • Welcome Point spectator camera now correctly points to Stage 1's camera.
    • Spectator camera added in RED Keep
    • Spectator cameras made visible to all players.
  10. A8 Stage 2 Rollback and Stage 1 Added

    After feedback from credible sources I've reverted a lot of the changes back from a6.
    These include:
    • Added CP2 back (now 3 CPs).
    • Lowered CP1 "RED Garden" back to ground level. (Reason: The ramp itself was bait for Snipers to spam arrows. Not fun.) Most of the cover from A7 was kept.
    • Moved entire RED spawn back to A6's location, and removed the flank behind red spawn.
    • Added Forward Spawns back for RED and BLU (Reason: Pacing was better. Walking to battle is, again not fun.)...