Medieval Spamalot A9a

Multi-Stage Medieval Mode

  1. A9a Player Learning, Possible Lag Fix

    A9a Changelog
    -Changed most env_soundscape to env_soundscape_proxy to reduce errors and possibly lag.

    Stage 1
    -Brightened up main doorway to RED Keep.
    -Addressed learning curve for boots. RED Spawn now requires boots to leave by jumping over a gate.
  2. A9 Magic Boots Tweaks and Responses to Feedback

    A9 Changelog

    Stage 1

    • Magic Boots now only last 3 jumps before disappearing (at which your character only jumps regular height).
    • Magic Boots can no longer stomp people. Instead, it negates fall damage (only when the boots are on).
    • Magic Boots now glow purple.
    • Magic Boots now have lift-off and landing particles/sounds.
    • Removed FOV on all spectator cameras.
    • Changed color of the ground on BLU side.
    • Changed steepness of hill to be able to walk up on...
  3. A8a Code Cleanup

    A8a Changelog
    • Improved player naming logic.
    • Welcome Point spectator camera now correctly points to Stage 1's camera.
    • Spectator camera added in RED Keep
    • Spectator cameras made visible to all players.
  4. A8 Stage 2 Rollback and Stage 1 Added

    After feedback from credible sources I've reverted a lot of the changes back from a6.
    These include:
    • Added CP2 back (now 3 CPs).
    • Lowered CP1 "RED Garden" back to ground level. (Reason: The ramp itself was bait for Snipers to spam arrows. Not fun.) Most of the cover from A7 was kept.
    • Moved entire RED spawn back to A6's location, and removed the flank behind red spawn.
    • Added Forward Spawns back for RED and BLU (Reason: Pacing was better. Walking to battle is, again not fun.)...
  5. A7 Engie Dispensers and Layout Changes

    Layout Changes
    - Removed CP2 (Bakery) and removed both forward spawns in the name of simplicity.
    - As a result of the above, shrunk the mid arena where the Bakery was.
    - Moved RED's spawn back slightly.
    - Moved BLU's spawn back slightly.
    - Can no longer fire arrows through BLU respawn gates.
    - CP1 redesigned.
    --Capture point is now elevated, added cover.
    --Bushes are now bullet clipped, was player clipped before.
    - CP2 back area redesigned slightly.
    --Removed flank that went behind...
  6. A6 Layout Changes

    - Bakery's spawn was moved over to the other wall, to reduce travel times.
    - Removed Red's forward spawn from outside and moved it into the Bakery.

    Bug Fixes:
    - Pumpkins now correctly spawn from dead enemies (for some reason it was inputting to a sound before).
    - Fixed Garden's CP prop from changing to the according team.

    Balance Changes:
    - Pickups from enemies have a 1 in 8 chance to drop, was 1 in 4 chance.


    1. 20190606224626_1.jpg
  7. A5 Burly Beer and Response Rules

    • Added the Burly Beer. This pickup heals for a very small amount and reduces incoming damage by 35% for 8 seconds, and can be refreshed after a kill. But, after the buff wears out, the player is slowed for 5 seconds.
    • All three new items (Vellum, Beer and Crit Pumpkin) have a 1/4th chance to spawn in the place of a health kit. Respawn is 10 seconds.
    • All three new items also can spawn by killing someone, at 1/12th chance.
    • Added response rules to all the new items. (example:...
  8. more bug-fixes

    • Drops now make sounds, and disappear after 15 seconds.
    • Tavern sign now correctly placed on the wall.
    • Fixed scrolls and pumpkins spawning at the same time.
    CompilePal is a beast.
  9. one last bug

    • Bug Fix: Pumpkin uses the Pumpkin_loot model (was a scroll before)
  10. Welp I found some bugs already

    • Bug Fix: Medkits weren't showing up (models were invisible).
    • Bug Fix: Vellum doesn't give max health anymore after theory-crafting, now only giving overheal + medicating melody.
    • Bug Fix: HP Kits weren't making respawn noises.
    • Bug Fix: Teleport to RED spawn sticking out of BLU's forward spawn too much.
    • Fix: Turned off Halloween mode because it changed the medkits to not meat (didn't meat standards! haha...).
    • Pumpkins now drop from enemies even with Halloween mode...