Medieval Spamalot A14a

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Medieval Spamalot A14a

Multi-Stage Medieval Mode

"...Ah yes, Spamalot of the Renaissance era... That Spamalot."

BLU must fight RED in the ye olde castle of Medieval Spamalot (a pun of Camelot).

Updated June 13th, 2021
(Previous update: August 23rd, 2019)
  • So far Stage One and Stage Two are released. Third stage being planned.
    1. Stage One features 3 control points (RED Keep Battlements, RED Keep Front, RED Keep Interior).
    2. Stage Two features 3 control points (RED Garden, RED Bakery, RED Tavern).
  • There have been some layout changes in stage 2, and the powerups featured in earlier versions of Spamalot have been removed.
    • Powerups are no longer map-side.
    • Engineer can build powerups using an anvil.
  • Following this train of thought, there are some other goodies in this update.
    • Engineer can build an anvil, cannon and braziers.
    • Some classes (not all) have been buffed / can use new weapons.
Have fun.


"I know thee well, oh Spamalot...
May good fortune come to those who lay in your wake, good Spamalot...
And those who may draw their last breath here, stay hatted and wealthy...
And not poor and Irish.

Long live Spamalot!"
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Attack/Defense CP
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