Medieval Spamalot A13

Multi-Stage Medieval Mode

  1. Yaki
    "...Ah yes, Spamalot of the Renaissance era... That Spamalot."

    BLU must fight RED in the ye olde castle of Medieval Spamalot (a pun of Camelot).

    Updated August 23rd, 2019
    • So far Stage One and Stage Two are released. Third stage planned.
    • Stage One features 3 control points (RED Keep Battlements, RED Keep Front, RED Keep Interior).
    • Stage Two features 3 control points (RED Garden, RED Bakery, RED Tavern).
    Additionally, there are other mechanics for this Medieval Map:
    • Engineers can build Dispensers by picking up the toolbox in front of their spawn. Drop it like you would the intelligence.
    • Power-ups that players can pick up (like the Soldier's Concheror, Heavy's Dalokohs Bar or Spy's Invisibility Watch)
    • Spy is evil and can die by fire.


    "I know thee well, oh Spamalot...
    May good fortune come to those who lay in your wake, good Spamalot...
    And those who may draw their last breath here, stay hatted and wealthy...
    And not poor and Irish.

    Long live Spamalot!"


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