Skyrail 1.2

is it 2002 again?

  1. General improvements to the map

    Hamm Mann I #TF2Center
    Before i continue, i might as well explain a couple things i CAN'T fix.

    The sniper spawncamp issue. i can mitigate it by adding more spawns behind cover, but sadly i can't completely fix the issue, mainly becaue of the design of the map itself. i never said it was a good map lol.

    Some of the areas where you have to crouch: i can fix a lot of these, but sadly the entry to the red base and that one stair area in the blue base are out of my reach because deleting one of the frames for the red...
  2. removed the zip file

    Hamm Mann I #TF2Center
    i can only test it if it's a pure bsp so uhhh, bye bye source file.