Skyrail 1.2

is it 2002 again?

  1. Hamm Mann I #TF2Center
    Hey, it's me. Hamm Mann, more well known as LazyPurple Clips. and i don't normally make maps. but this time i found a forgotten Gmod map and thought to myself "what if i turn this into a TF2 map?" so i combined this with a domination mode prefab and i got myself a winner. 20210722161409_1.jpg
    How do you play Uplink? it's pretty much Domination but it takes a longer ammount of time to earn the points. (so that games can be longer and more intense) (credit to the gamemode prefab goes to this guy:
    Oh yeah, and the download also contains a source file. why? so you can make the other modes for me lol 20210722161422_1.jpg