Skymill A5

A small KotH map featuring a (currently) wigless windmill

  1. A5: Update

    - Closed up the roof of the building in the center
    - Connected the three buildings on the upper route
    - Added some cover to the main uphill route
    - Added arrows to help navigation
    - Adjusted ammo and healthpack values
    - Added cubemaps

    log01.png log02.png log03.png log04.png log05.png log06.png log07.png
  2. A4b: Oops, again

    I'm sorry, but the last update did not add the missing clips
    - Added missing clips for sure
  3. A4a: Oops

    I accidentally didn't compile the full map
    - Added missing clips
  4. A4: Update

    - Overhauled the center of the map
    - Adjusted the underground flank route to be smaller
    - Removed a large part from the upper flank
    - Added crates to the balconies for better mobility
    - Changed the map-bounds-visualizer

    log01.png log02.png log03.png log04.png log05.png log06.png
  5. A3: Update

    - Moved spawns further from the capture point
    - Added buildings between the spawns and the point
    - Added more cover around the capture point
    - Added some cover in the Windmill
    - Added another exit to the lower flank route
    - Changed the "brush fences" to proper prop fences
    - Changed the bulky stairs to ramps in the upper flank route

    log_01.png log_02.png log_03.png log_04.png log_05.png ...
  6. A2: File name update

    -Updated filename to properly display the current version