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This map's too big to be duel but too small for 24 player deathmatch.

So now it's a 2v2 map intended for Pro OF:
  • Added team filters for Red/Blu
  • Added Crit dmg
  • Added some new details
  • Removed Frontline assets

Added armour intended to run for the ProOF custom game mode for duels.

1 Green/ 1 Yellow/ 1 Red / 1 Mega
  • Made it sunny because the night ambience was a bit boring
  • Removed most dev textures and applied some different ones
  • Removed the 3 pills outside the breakroom in favour of the green armour pack
  • Removed the Medium health kit by the yellow truck in favour of the yellow armour pack
  • Removed the second mega health in favour of the red armour pack