Shōgatsu rc4

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Shōgatsu rc4

Suijin Matsuri

Return to the Suijin Jinja for Shogatsu, the new year's celebration!

A reimagining of Suijin in the throes of winter, with new gameplay spaces, new details and a whole new gamemode, Shogatsu (Suijin Event) is a Two-Drop zone Player Destruction map.

Devious miscreants have stolen all this year's Omamori. It's your job to retrieve them and return them to the shrine, so they can provide good fortune for guests for the year to come.

Japanese Asset Pack additional author: E-Arkham
Snowy Rocks: Diva Dan
Assistance/Particles: Yrrzy
Onsen Banners: Donhonk
2D Skybox: Void
First release
Last update
Player Destruction

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Latest updates

  1. RC4

    rc4 General: - Player pickups now have a soft particle effect Gameplay: - Improved clipping around stuff you could get stuck on, like lanterns and ledges - Can now no longer jump behind B banners - Capzones are marked with red wood to improve...
  2. RC3

    General: - Optimisation improvements w/ Yrrzy's help (attempts, anyway - it's Suijin after all) - Fixed missing textures on resupply cabinets. This was caused by a 10-year-old typo in the materials for this prop where the filepath had a double...
  3. RC2あ

    - Actually fixed LDR this time. Sorry. - Added capzone particle effects - Fixed agressive fades

Latest reviews

great map, I love suijin and this alternate version is well made