Sharp RC9

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Sharp RC9

Keeping things sharp

Wow I finally updated the screenshots that were still stuck at b8

A fast paced mvm map set in a morning autumn forest. Hope you like orange.

@Waugh101 helped with the middle building with some base brushwork
First release
Last update
Mann Vs. Machine

More downloads from dexc34

Latest updates

  1. Fixing a game breaking bug by replacing one texture

    -Fixed a game breaking bug because of one texture
  2. The Digital Directive Update

    -Added leaf particles by Exactol -Remade the jump pads, new particles by Yrrzy -Fixed a bunch of bugs
  3. minor update

    -bug fixes

Latest reviews

I love the visuals of this map and its layout but it's missing the .res file for the client to download custom hud icons so I have missing materials even with fastdl set up. :(