Cyberia A10

Welcome to the Cyborg Russia

  1. dexc34
    Special thanks to Y o o v y for making an intermediate mission for this map!

    A robot invasion is inbound outside of Mann Co factory and research lab located just outside of Russia Siberia. If their robots destroy this base, their next goal is the city. The mercs are called to defend their base, and ultimately, the residence of Siberia.

    Cyberia is a WIP map, feedback would greatly be appreciated.

    The map includes:
    - Dynamic Jump Pads for fast travelling and diverse gameplay
    -A barricade that Tanks can destroy, giving robots a faster path to the hatch

    Snow Siege (Intermediate) (Made by Y o o v y)
    Frozen Freaks (Advanced) (Made by dexc34)
    Winter Waltz (Expert) (Made by dexc34)

    Frozen Freaks.jpg Snow Siege.png Winter Waltz.jpg

    Custom Content Used:
    Diva Dan: Ice and rock wall textures
    Exactol: Aurora particles
    The Frontline Team: Crates and Tarps
    Void: Skybox texture
    EArkham: Snow textures


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