Cyberia RC6A

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Cyberia RC6A

Welcome to the Cyborg Russia

Guess who finally updated the screenshots after 1 whole year of neglect

A robot invasion is inbound outside of Mann Co factory located in Russia Siberia. This factory contains a rocket set to launch towards Gray Mann and his robots. The mercs are called to defend their base and their beloved rocket.

For mission makers, all relays, spawns and the like are included in a .txt in the download

Thanks to @Waugh101 for helping me detail the hatch

Custom Content Used:
Diva Dan: Ice and rock wall textures
Exactol: Aurora particles
The Frontline Team: Crates and Tarps
Void: Skybox texture
EArkham: Snow textures
Idolon: Concrete/Snow blend texture
First release
Last update
Mann Vs. Machine

More downloads from dexc34

Latest updates

  1. About Time!

    RC6A -Updated the Aurora -Added snow particles -Fixed multiple bugs
  2. Thanks tf2m

    Apparently when updating it didn't actually update the download, so here is the download for RC3
  3. RC3

    RC3 -Added a way to get back up onto the main defender potion from the robot main path at the front -Dug up some snow on the flank spawn drop to make it easier to rotate from the main spawn drop -Placed a rock infront of sniper deck at front...

Latest reviews

Played this during MvM 2019 event.
Fine Map, it has funny jump pads.
I enjoyed this map because of how open it felt, the fans for movement, and the unique Siberian winter. Just a neat map with a robot pun in the name makes it fun.