Dewpoint B5B

A KotH map set on the rolling hills of a mountain

  1. dexc34
    A Badlands inspired King of the Hill map set on the rolling hills of a mountain

    This map is in Beta. Meaning layout may change. Aesthetic, and optimization/framerate will improve over the next few versions preparing for its official release. Please do leave feedback on how I may improve this map

    Thank you to all of you who helped shaped this map to what it is now!

    Thanks to Waugh101 for continuing the artpass


    1. koth_dewpoint_b4b0015.jpg
    2. koth_dewpoint_b4b0016.jpg
    3. koth_dewpoint_b4b0017.jpg
    4. koth_dewpoint_b4b0018.jpg
    5. koth_dewpoint_b4b0020.jpg
    6. koth_dewpoint_b4b0019.jpg
    7. koth_dewpoint_b4b0021.jpg
    8. koth_dewpoint_b4b0022.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. More artpassing
  2. Whoops
  3. New Artpass

Recent Reviews

  1. Waugh101
    Version: B1C
    This map has been a blast to detail! Very interesting layout
  2. MatixPL [F2P]
    MatixPL [F2P]
    Version: A11
    Very good map