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Past 72hr Jam Entry [SFM] Spaaaace 2017-02-13

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Past 72hr Jam Entry [SFM] Spaaaace 2017-02-13

SFM, Space, Rushed, Stressed, help me plz

I have started everything, from maps to 3ds custom themes for this jam and I havent finished anything of it.

Why, you may ask?

I have never been so stressed while doing something like that and the fact that I felt exhausted of doing tf2 things for the last 3 months just added to this chaos. Dont get me wrong, I love these jams and I love tf2 but Im unable to get creativ with tf2 right now - Im working on tf2 things but these things are waaaay too big to get done in 72hr so I wasnt even able to do something I wanted for the jam.

I just felt like the content I have made in these 72hr wasnt even worth doing so I scrapped all these ideas and projects again - in the last 1 1/2 hour I started SFM to get at least something done and guess what, I finished something

The only reason I finished/even started the poster was due to this video:
Yes, as stupid as it sounds, this was the only reason I finished something for the jam
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