Community Contracts Tracker written in Golang

Community Contracts Tracker written in Golang v0.

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Community Contracts Tracker written in Golang v0.

Proof of Concept

The idea behind this is quite simple, I wanted to make a third-party questing system similar to Valve's contracker.

I'd call this far from something useable but more of a way to do it. It's basically a Proof of Concept, given that I had nearly no time for this [As tf2maps' jams tend to always happen when I'm quite busy]. I might go back and polish this after the jam.

To showcase the capabilities you have through hl2.exe hijacking [Which sounds way worse than it actually is], this small program written in Golang parses the console log for weapon contracts. [e.g. contracts which ask you to use a certain weapon].

Again, this is more of a "here look at this weird thing Valve allows you to take advantage of" but if somebody actually wants to produce a community questing system outside of this small 72HR jam, feel free to DM me or write a mail at

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