Multi Stage seca a8a

quick pl concept I thought of for a first stage

  1. A8 update

    -decreased max time to 10min
    -Changed the """door soup""" around red spawn to make it easier for certain simpler players
    -Covered some sightlines for new routes
    -Added a new building near blue spawn, just because
    -Added more background detailing
    -Added a deathpit :)
    -idk I don't remember, im tired and have like 6 assignments to make


    1. pl_seca_a8a0004.jpg
    2. pl_seca_a8a0005.jpg
    3. pl_seca_a8a0006.jpg
    4. pl_seca_a8a0007.jpg
  2. Update a7a

    Feedback showed me that red had it too easy with the flanks, now red has limited access to some routes.

    Also, people were confused as to the changes that happen once the cart passes under the bridge house near red spawn, so I turned it into it's own little point that only gives 90 extra seconds to blue.


    1. pl_seca_a7a0014.jpg
    2. pl_seca_a7a0015.jpg
    3. pl_seca_a7a0016.jpg
  3. A6 update

    we're back.

    -Added a new route from the building after the first cp to the passage under the bride to make it a bit easier for blu to push

    -Red's spawn door opening down felt a bit too wonky so I changed it to a sideways grate door

    -That's it. Need more feedback


    1. pl_seca_a60005.jpg
    2. pl_seca_a60007.jpg
    3. pl_seca_a60006.jpg
  4. a5

    -it felt like red had it too easy on last so I add a ton of new flank and made red spawn further from the point

    -new windows on the choky turn before last.
  5. a4

    -gave more space for red to defend at blu's spawn

    -increased extra time given when capping the first point

    -replaced the big rock with a big house that blu can use to flank once the first point is capped

    -I heard your feedback, one-way doors are a big no-no. No one way doors now but It may make the first point tougher to cap.

    -removed the platform at last, it made it too favorable for red.
  6. a3

    -changed the map's name to Seca. And this one might last

    -Many structural changes to the first point

    -changed the deathpit to a low ground that players can cross

    -added a new house left of blu's spawn to help accessibility to the point

    -increased Red's respawn time on the last point

    -first flank is accessible at all times

    -some other minor changes
  7. a2

    a2 is here!

    -Extended the tracks near the first point to allow better defense for red

    -broke some sightlines

    -changed the flank house to something nicer.

    -some other small changes

    -changed the map name to Caida