Seaside A3

The sea brings forth an explosive bounty.

  1. Alpha 3 Hotfix

    Never update maps at 2 AM, folks!

    - Fixed a couple of areaportals becoming portals into the Shadow Realm
    - Fixed doors on BLU's second spawn in Stage Two clipping into walls
  2. Alpha 3

    General Changes

    - Messed around with light_enviroment to get shadows to match the
    skybox more
    - Messed with the lighting to brighten up the map a bit
    - Changed the respawn wavetimes a bit

    Stage One

    - Added a side-route for RED to give them an alternative route to the first checkpoint
    - Widened a corridor in BLU's spawn
    - Put another door in the side building since the passages within open when the first checkpoint is captured
    - Modified the building geometry overlooking the first...