screenshot bind

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  1. LadyRaee

    Screenshot config files! v1

    Hello everyone! I've had those cfg files for a while now and seeing (mostly newbie mappers) taking screenshots without viewmodels and HUD I decided to share them! Download contains 3 files: ssa.cfg – screenshot activate – turns screen elements off to take screenshots ssq.cfg – screenshot quit...
  2. MrHatlf

    Toggle bind for taking screenshots.

    I made this bind because typing in all these commands are hard. //disable hud bind ins hudtoggle alias hudtoggle "hudoff" alias hudoff "alias hudtoggle hudon; cl_showfps 0; cl_showpos 0; r_drawviewmodel 0; cl_drawhud 0" alias hudon "alias hudtoggle hudoff; cl_showfps 1; cl_showpos 1...