Past 72hr Jam Entry Scaffold a3b

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Past 72hr Jam Entry Scaffold a3b

Construction site chaos!

A two-stage payload race map in a construction site and on a skyscraper made in 72 hours for the 2016 Winter TF2 Jam.

Stage one is tight and linear, inspired by the payload race thumbnail in the quickplay menu. Both tracks cross, run parallel under a building under construction, then cross back before entering a construction lift.

Stage two takes place on the unfinished tops of the skyscrapers. Winning stage one lets your carts start firmly on the tower, while losing starts you on the lift. Stage two focuses on tight, head on head high ground control on one half, and wide flank routes and generous heath kits on the other.

Yes, the cart freaks out on the elevator. It's a known issue.

I plan on continuing this after the 72 hour contest, so don't hesitate to leave feedback. As always, thanks for taking the time to look at my map!
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Latest updates

  1. Quick fix!

    I messed up some areaportals in my rush to finish, so here's a version that is actually playable!
  2. Done

    I'm done. Lots of art and optimization.
  3. Better stages and frames!

    Optimized! Rebuilt stage 1!