Sapphire A8

Like a diamond, only bluer

  1. A is for Alpine, B is for Beach

    Deleted everything but last
    Map is now symmetrical
    Added train gimmick


    1. cp_sapphire_a80001.jpg
  2. Minor Fix Update

    Made some quality of life changes
    doors and signs now do what you'd expect them to

    i''l reupload to vbot to get a demo that shows me the map-flow problems a bit better
  3. Gorge-ous Improvements

    Figured I wasn't ripping off cp_gorge hard enough so I replaced blue spawn with cp_gorge
    New pickups errywhar
    Moved C forward
    Created a new route from D to B, allowing Red to setup defense easier
    Brought the tower back
    Shifted A back to the top of Blue forward spawn
    Ripped off badwater 2nd
    Brightened up the flank under "The House of Many Grains"
    Unclipped the Boathouse roof

    And undoubtedly a bunch of other things I forgot


    1. cp_sapphire_a70012.jpg
    2. cp_sapphire_a70011.jpg
    3. cp_sapphire_a70008.jpg
    4. cp_sapphire_a70007.jpg
  4. New B and other changes

    I'd give a proper changelog but I forget what I changed
    the Beach is totally new
    otherwise I mostly just changed everything I got feedback on


    1. new_a_smaller.png
  5. The Egyptian Inspiration

    Gave blue a forward spawn after capping B or C
    Simplified A (taking inspiration from cp_egypt 1-1 & 2-1)
    Still not at all happy with how difficult B is to defend and how hard to find the points are in general
    The spaces between points are really messy and I want to fix that, just don't quite know how yet
    Attackers definitely don't flow equally from A into B & C, but then C is easier to take if you have B (in which case the flow is really backwards right now)
    Also I think D is a little too...
  6. Defense Improvements

    Added a boxjump out of D through the alley window (for red spies to push out)
    Changed B & C since one is generally capped first (so red should defend b first)
    Sprinkled lots more pickups around
    Reduced time rewards given by B & C
    Changed B (formerly C) to give defenders a greater advantage
    Made the B-to-C connector behind A more appetizing (hopefully attacking players will no consider it more)
    Adjusted spawntimes slightly
    Tried to make B's (formerly C's) flank more viable, as the best...
  7. Less chokey, more pickups

    Added more entrances to D
    New pickups around B
    B to D transition building is now Red
    Respawn wave times are faster
    Blue now spawns exclusively above ground
  8. Fixed it

    fixed busted spawnpoints
    added red forward spawn
    added signs and pickups
    small changes to C