Sapphire A8

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Sapphire A8

Like a diamond, only bluer

inspired by "Slime Girls - No Summer No Cry" album artwork
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP
4.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. A is for Alpine, B is for Beach

    Deleted everything but last Map is now symmetrical Added train gimmick
  2. Minor Fix Update

    Made some quality of life changes doors and signs now do what you'd expect them to i''l reupload to vbot to get a demo that shows me the map-flow problems a bit better
  3. Gorge-ous Improvements

    Figured I wasn't ripping off cp_gorge hard enough so I replaced blue spawn with cp_gorge Also: New pickups errywhar Moved C forward Created a new route from D to B, allowing Red to setup defense easier Brought the tower back Shifted A back to...

Latest reviews

Feels very dynamic with the action shifting all over the place, can be a bit maze-like at times; this is fun, but it did once take me a while to find my team. Could probs benefit from more forward spawns? Great fun, nonetheless. Keep it up!