Sakura a8_fix

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- lighting fixes
- compressed map size
- the soundscape volume can be adjusted in the TF2 music settings
- added lower gravity to the space room
- more map details
- fixed a problem regarding hitboxes of the Star Wars ships & fixing their lighting
- added new second credits room
- added ghost underworld
- added a darker version of the main room
- you can spawn Merasmus or Monoculus every 15 minutes
- new teleports
- new music
- improved lighting
- func_details and compressed wavs (the map has a smaller size now)
- soundscapes are now also in the spawn rooms
- added death pit
- added second space room
- added arena stuff to the blue lava room
- new credits room
- new music

!!! some of the star wars ships in the second space room had an error when porting and their hitbox is broken and is far longer than it's supposed to be. That's why the room is a lot longer and it's covered full of lights to let the ships glow in the dark. One of the ships is still dark; I'll try to fix this in the next version, now it's covered with fire particles.
- removed the endless stairs and replaced with a blue lava zone arena
- added particles
- added sound effects "another happy landing" and "hello there"
- added more details to the map





Updated download source. The version of the map should be a5.




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