Rust Belt

Rust Belt RC1

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After having tested the map in a different way due to the TFMaps servers having trouble, I am happy to announce that I have gathered the confidence to release Rust Belt to the public as a "finished map".

Release Changelog is not the longest and isnt very different to B12 since little issues in my eyes were at hand, but there is still some stuff.

- Optimized the map a little bit, especially the second point.
- Disabled clipping for more ""wall"" props.
- Clipped a variety of annoying things you could get stuck on
- Small detailing adjustments on several areas
- Added new screenshots to the download page

Thanks to everyone that tested the map and gave feedback! I'll monitor the launch of the map for a bit to see if everything is going smoothly and will of course fix any large bugs that might rise during gameplay sessions.

For the next map I'm planning to do the Rottenburg-theme in Payload format, since that one is super cool aswell. See ya when I get around to do that!
- Added an invisible barricade so players arent able to just shoot over the wall to C
- Aligned a few textures
- Removed collisions on a certain prop
- Removed barrels at Last under the lil' space to prevent very sneaky Sniper spots
Turns out that B11 had a nasty exploit which allowed you to leave the map, per usual, this is the hotfix. However it also brings a few very very minor changes I noticed and wanted to fix.

- Incredibly small detailing adjustments here and there
- Lowered the windows at the first point so its easier to shoot fellas on the low ground
- Added an extra way to get to the highground at Second

That's about it!
- Fixed some missing patches
- Fixed spectator camera stuck in prop
- Added a few props at the first spawn to block certain Sniper sightlines
- Adjusted timing on points to ensure maximum balance
- Added an extra sign

Alright folks, I'm confident; I'm ready. This will surely be the last test before I finally release this god damn map to the broader public.

See ya next imp. I'll be there; watching. Judging. Experiencing.
Welcome to B10, hopefully addressing most if not all non-visual complaints.

I tried supports on Last - it looks weird. I shall not do em!

As far as the rest goes, this update primarily focused on BLU's first spawn and overall map balance. So let's dive in.

- Reworked BLU spawn area a bit - There is now an extra exit, alongside of cute windows and moved resupply cabs. This should not only make camping BLU more difficult for RED, but should give BLU an edge in the first few seconds.
- Added a pipe at the first building on the highground which allows players to go up to the highground without having to walk all the way back
- Added an extra route to the flank at A so players dont have to go all the way back to use it.
- Slightly moved payload track on BLU Spawn and added a door for Lore reasons
- Detailing fixes here and there
- Adjusted timers for proper balancing
- Spawning on the highground at Last is now less likely. This means that players are no longer capable of just piling the cart from the highground instantly, given they are very likely to have to walk up the stairs first.
- Expanded a wall to disable a stanky sniper sightline
- Added a few boxes at the building at second to prevent another stanky sniper sightline
- Fixed a few clipping issues
- The Grinder is now disabled once BLU caps
- Players that are stuck in the spawndoor when the spawns change are now killed after a 15 second Schadenfreude-delay.

Personally I think this is one of the more definite versions of this map, but I thought so on the last one aswell so who knows.

See ya next imp!
Welcome to probably the last Beta of Rust Belt! The last one was supposed to be it, but because of a variety of complicated issues (who couldve expected the map logic to break out of all things?) - But those are gladly fixed now!

- Updated lighting a bit/fog so it feels more like a stanky city
- HDR Support! Experience dark rooms even darker now, and feel the sun burn your skin away!
- Fixed a displacement issue
- Fixed map logic breaking when a cart would roll back to it's initial point
- Updated several floating props so they ain't floating anymore
- Optimized the area around the second cap a bit
- GREATLY reduced last respawn time!
- Moved some spectator cameras

"Why do you think the map is good to go?" The playtest we had on the 05.06.18 convinced me of that. Truth be told; I was never really confident with Haywire, my last map. And I still ain't, which is why I'll probably update it later these months. However last playtest kinda gave off the super cool vibe that things are going. It felt like I'm playing a game of Badwater, people were coordinated, things were balanced, and the map was dare I say fun - and others seemed to have enjoyed it too.

B9 will be the last playtest of Rust Belt, after that I'll be touching on whatever technical stuff there might still be (which I doubt!) to be found, and then we'll get on the release.

I'll update the screenshots of the map with the release aswell, so be there.

See ya next imp!
Last version had a fairly big exploit allowing players to leave the entire map and get into the big city(tm)

This update is just a quick-fix to that.
Welcome to B8 - probably the last beta unless things go terribly wrong.
This update mostly focused on fixing several thousand visual quirks and oddities, while also adding a cool whistle when a point gets capped, so there is that. Let's get into the patchnotes, though:

- Fixed several lighting issues scattered around the map.
- Removed the tiny room at the third cap because it was relatively redundant
- Adjusted Respawn times for Last
- Added an area under the highground at last
- General polish here and there
- Some detailing here and there
- Removed clipping over the fence at first
- Added a cool whistle when points are being capped!
- The last "push up" now goes all the way
- Adjusted spectator cameras
- Changed scale of textures for RED spawns
- Aligned several textures
- Filled the skybox a bit more

What's next? Anything that pops up during the next imp, and of course: Release. See ya till then!
Keeping up the streak we are here with me essentially almost finishing my "To do" list before deeming the map finished(tm). Thus, our update brings us:

- Soundscapes! Begone, silent map, hello seagulls, car noises, and sea gulls!
- 20% increase in clipping
- Expanded a few fences around the second cap to make holding it easier as RED. This is kinda experimental.
- Adjusted some health pack/ammo pack sizes. Again.
- More optimization
- Fixed a few tiny things in the skybox
- Fixed a few lightning issues
- Resized BLU spawn textures to be less overscaled and more gooder.
- Added ropes over buildings, because thats cool.
- Updated the highground in the middle building of Cap 3 to a simple platform, instead of cement block.
- General polish here and there

So, what's left for RC? Well for one, anything that pops up during imps of course, gameplay issues that might not have yet been discovered etc. and then - the ever so dreaded HDR settings which I find to be a plague. Apart from that though, we are good to go. And a variety of lighting issues which I still have to wrestle with!

So basically; If you appear to read this and join the next imp and by any chance get to play Rustbelt - be as nit-picky as possible!
See ya!
B5 is here, officially changing the name from a bad pun to "Rust Belt". I initially wanted to name it Flint, as it's quick and a cool word, but given the political drama surrounding it, I chose against that.

Either way, here is the Patch log:
- Changed name from Destroit to Rust Belt
- A bunch of clipping! Really, you shouldn't get stuck anywhere now, try it!
- Adjusted respawn time of RED for Last
- Added spectator cameras, including a grinder cam.
- Removed a door at the third point as it was giving BLU way too many routes to attack
- adjusted some health packs and drop locations/sizes
- General Optimization (WiP)
- Made certain areas less blocky and better looking/general polish
- Gave each cap individual names + changed the starting messages to be lore friendly
- Changed the fence at BLU's spawn to be less confusing/jarring
- probably a bunch of misc stuff

If I had to do a to-do list of what is left to get Rust Belt into RC, it would probably look like this:

- A bit more general polish
- A bit more optimization
- Soundscapes
- Fix the 300 lightning issues that appear to be scattered through the map which I cant for the love of god find a solution for
- Fix any gameplay related issues that might be found via testing

The last test of Destroi - I mean, rust belt showed to me that the gameplay seems to be rather solid. This update kinda aims to make certain small gameplay quirks to be less stupid, and that's about it.

Closing in on the finish line; But I still need some testing. So see ya next playtest.