Rottenburg on the roof Beta 12

Rottenburg as a CP map with skyboxes that make more sense

  1. Download fix and litle update

    -Added some supply drops from the frontline content pack
    -Changed water to seethrough water
  2. New root

    -added a new route to the second controll point
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Brakable doors VVV
    Some crates so that any class can come up
    [​IMG] Lowered the fence so that you can croutch out of it[​IMG]
    Added a brakable stone
  3. Small yet important

    -added a Scoutbot head as lightning
    -added support for multiple languages
    -fixed some leaks
    -removed beta 9 update
  4. Athmosfere change

    -Changed the athmosfere to a rainy day[​IMG]
    -Added water
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    -added a bridge
    -Added A Ressuply locker to the other Red spawn[​IMG]
  5. Litle fixes

    -fixed misspeled imbeciles
    -fixed door block symbols
  6. More information

    -added 2 new lines for more information
    -added blocks for blu spawn so that red cant go in when a blu poens it
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. Fixed the download

    Fixed the download
  8. Lightning fix

    -Fixed the buged lightning
  9. Door fix and more information

    -Added Popup messeges to help new players
    -Fixed sapawn doors not opening while stanging next to them during setup time
  10. Just to add the Download

    This is just an update where i actualy put the updated map.