Rosanna a2a

"Meet you all the way..."

  1. a2a: Hotfix (and several other minor goodies!)

    - Added a hud
    - Doubled the time it takes for the flag to unlock, from 15 seconds to 30
    - Halved the time it takes the flag to reset, from 10 seconds to 5

    - Fixed the door sound not stopping and sending everyones speakers to hell
    - Made some complex brushwork func_details
    - Flipped the wooden platforms next to spawn
    - Removed the fences at mid
    - Removed the ramp next to the capture zone
    - Made the capture zone significantly smaller, from a 384 cylinder to a 160 cylinder
  2. a2: Now it's a detail map?

    I didn't write a changelog while I was making this update, so some changes might be missing.

    - Gutted and changed 80% of the layout
    - Changed the gamemode from standard Arena to Invade CTF Arena
    - Detailed the map
    - Added cubemaps

    Known Issues:
    - HDR might be too bright
    - Various misaligned textures scattered about


    1. arena_rosanna_a20008.jpg
    2. arena_rosanna_a20007.jpg
    3. arena_rosanna_a20005.jpg
    4. arena_rosanna_a20004.jpg
    5. arena_rosanna_a20003.jpg