Riviera A6

simple koth map

  1. A6

    Another round of updates !!

    - Improved overall perfomance of the map
    - Litte hut by the mid flank has been removed
    - There is now a sun :)
    - Changed map´s lightning (again)
    - Fixed some annoying clips
    - Removed collision on the doors at blue spawn


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    8. 20190815233443_1.jpg
    9. 20190815233452_1.jpg
    10. 20190815233521_1.jpg
    11. 20190815233616_1.jpg
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  2. Updating Bsp

    Just updating the right bsp (A5)
  3. A5

    Long time no see, took a long break from mapping cause i wasnt feeling motivated but anyways here´s the a5 update , hopefully it will make the map more interesting

    - Added some wooden logs to indicate where medkits and ammo packs spawn
    - Changed lightning to get a mediterranian feel to it (not final)
    - Spawnrooms how have a window for you to look out
    - Changed some out of bounds detail
    - Added sounds to when you capture the point , and you can now shoot the bell on the church (not final)
  4. A4

    - Improved overall clipping around the map
    - Reworked one of the routes
    - Middle is less wide
    - Added more detail overall
    - Made it easier to get on the church
    - Pushed the stairs that connected to the middle route further
    - Map has more ammo and health packs
    - Closed one of the arches next to the flanking route
    - Fixed misc bugs
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  5. A3B Fixes!

    - Fixed varius clipping issues (Thanks Axio!)
    - Added a couple of small healthpacks around the map
    - Fixed a small clipping issue with a tree
    - Fixed a game breaking bug that allowed players to leave the map
  6. Complete layout revamp

    A3 Changes!!!

    - Completely remade most of the map (spawn and its routes and a partial amount of the mid)
    - Added an observer point so players wont be staring through the map´s out of bounds area
    - Raised the clip ceiling to allow soliders and demomans to have more freedom
    - Map has more space overall
    - Decreased Cap time
    - Widened point´s trigger area


    1. 20190301050436_1.jpg
    2. 20190301050447_1.jpg
    3. 20190301050500_1.jpg
    4. 20190301050517_1.jpg
    5. 20190301050540_1.jpg
    6. 20190301050549_1.jpg
    7. 20190301050638_1.jpg
  7. Version A2B fix

    Forgot to pack the map
  8. Version A2B

    - Couple of issues fixed
    - Removed a sightline that alowed snipers to kill players that were spawning
  9. Version A2

    - Raised the cealing of the sky so soldiers dont bump against it
    - Added another door in spawn to reduce spawn camping
    - Replaced the tiny shack in the flanking route to a bigger building
    - Removed the deathpit
    - Changed some health and ammo packs
    - Clipped the stairs
    - Added a little bit more of detail to the map