Rivermelt A8

Welcome to mt. Rivermelt!

  1. Dr. Orange
    cp_rivermelt takes the best part of my old map cp_rivermelt (5cp) and turned it into a koth map and then back into a cp map!
    Needs testing. I also need descriptive feedback to what I should change. If I don't get any informative feedback, I won't consider it in need of changing.
    cp_rivermelt_a80001.jpg cp_rivermelt_a80002.jpg cp_rivermelt_a80003.jpg cp_rivermelt_a80004.jpg cp_rivermelt_a80005.jpg cp_rivermelt_a80006.jpg


    1. cp_rivermelt_a80000.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Version Alpha 8 is released!
  2. Alpha 7 released!