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Rift RC3

A Jungle/Mayan Ruins themed Invade CTF map.

  1. Release Candidate 3

    Release Candidate 3
    -EXPERIMENTAL: Added a Battalion's Backup effect to the flag carrier only, halving sentry damage and resisting 25% of all other damage.
    -Added a round timer
    -12 minutes initial and max time
    -4 minutes added each capture
    -Extended bomb return time when dropped and capped
    -Removed radio effect from custom announcer
    -Added some more spectator cams
    -Changed the lighting logic on lantern props
    -Fixed up...
  2. Release Candidate 2

    Release Candidate 2
    -Added brand new custom announcer, voiced by MegaPieManPHD!
    -Further improved displacement cliffs

    -Improved optimization
    -Improved skycard lighting(still not perfect, unfortunately)
    -Fixed physics on beer bottle props
    -Remade abysmal arch brushwork and added more faces
    -Fixed a spot you could get stuck on outside the gold room
    -Added an easter egg(see if you can find it, post a screen here if you do)
    -Fixed some...
  3. Release Candidate 1a

    Release Candidate 1a
    -We did it reddit!!!
    -Brightened everything up
    -Fixed pop-in errors
    -Added a new structure in the 3d sky
    -Remade most displacement cliffs
    -Added some extra details in sparse areas
    -Changed the MvM bomb response system to play an announcer line rather than a klaxon
    -Added a whole bunch of ferns
    -Fixed some lighting errors, particularly in spawn

    -Added some more ropes/wires
    -Fixed mismatched lighting on many lampposts...
  4. Beta 13: Timer Begone

    BETA 13

    -Removed timer, rounds now just go until someone wins
    -Added a trigger so standing in your own capturezone will prevent enemies from capping there
    -Hopefully fixed flag ownership sometimes glitching out
    -Added a small ammopack in the elevated shack
    -Many small lighting & detailing improvements
    -Fixed some popping and other visual issues
    -Changes too minor to merit a new batch of screenshots

    -Added killable birds
  5. Beta 12

    -Smoothed out a ton of areas that required jumping(not sure what I was thinking)
    -Improved lighting and detailing in many areas
    -Moved wall of crumbling temple to make defending that route easier, and added some barriers to facilitate that change
    -Hopefully improved optimization across most of map
    -Fixed pop-ins on various cliffs and towers
    -Edited fog and env light settings
    -Deleted and redid most of the messy brushwork
    -Func_detailed some things that should have been
    -Blocked off some...
  6. Beta 11

    Beta 11


    -Fixed a few lighting bugs
    -Removed some unnecessary hints
    -Fixed some bad brushwork
    -Fixed some bad smoothing groups
    -Hopefully fixed cubemap and custom content packing errors
    -Fixed some HUD issues relating to the flag
    -Fixed the flag dispenser

    -Added in a few props from the Mayann asset pack
    -Changed colour of torch lighting
    -Added a few small details to previously bland areas

    -Added another resupply cabinet in each...
  7. Beta 10

    Beta 10ignore the a

    -Rearranged last area entirely
    -Changed gamemode back to Invade CTF
    -Fixed some playerclips that should have been blockbullets

    -Improved general detail and lighting across the map
    -Added some of EArkham's Mayan props
    -Re-added WorMatty's bomb response setup(was accidentally removed somewhere around b3)...
  8. Back to CTF



    -Switched gamemode back to Invade CTF
    -There are now 3 separate goals which must be capped in order(Diagonal wall, Tower, Pyramid)
    -Increased overall spawn times

    -Detail & lighting improvements
    -3D sky improvements
    -Probably definitely some stuff I've forgotten
  9. last try

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