Quetzal RC5

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Updated some visuals.
Made performance somewhat better.
Fixed a case where the collision of the 2nd barricade persisted for a bit after the barricade was destroyed.
Hopefully last version before a finished product.

-A bit of extra details.
-Spies no longer want to hug trees that much.
-Blocked an insane sightline which benefited Sniper bots a lot.
-Nerfed an overpowered Sniper spot. (hopefully)
-Improved bot navigation.
-Sentry Busters no longer self detonate as soon as they spawn when putting Sentries on top of front rocks.
-Added relays mission makers can use to open/close the front upgrade station during a wave.
-Arrows with the penetration upgrade will no randomly break on the map. (Thanks Freyja) Except on top of the front buildings. This is due buggy interactions with arrows with penetration and respawnroomvisualizers. Which only Valve can fix.

-Intermediate received several changes to make it easier.
-Expert received several changes to make it harder.

Some changes I am planning:
-Make it more noticeable that the tank that destroys the front barricade won't break the second barricade.
-Maybe make red spawn visually more interesting? I don't know.
Bots can no longer be catapulted on top of the houses at the front. This will prevent players from being able to trap the bomb on top of the buildings.
-Nobuild some spots.
-No longer can you build a sentry inside the breakable wall.
-Removed the ability to place teleporters in the spawn courtyard.
-Sew a displacement seam everyone was bugging me about.

-Didn't fix: arrows with penetration upgraded tend to break midair around the middle of the map. I know it's related to the custom barricade, but no idea what about the barricade is causing it.
Fixed an issue where the breakable wall's collision doesn't get disabled after being destroyed. Whoopsies...
-A bit of optimization
-Added sound to the waterfall
-New intermediate mission: AZ-Tech

Hopefully next version will be workshop release.
Tank fix patch:

-Fixed an error where tank would deploy bomb mid path.
-A 3D skybox change.
-A couple of changes to the missions.

On to-do list:

-Make an intermediare mission
-Changed named to Quetzal instead of Quetzalcoatl.
-Added a 3d skybox, although some parts of it are still a bit iffy.
-Some changes to a particular Sniper spot.
-Reworked Red spawn.
-Fixed some pathing issues.
-A couple of tweaks to the missions.