72hr Pyro, The One We Love, and Love to Hate 2017-02-10

I drew a picture of Pyro with the face he made when he realized he won against Heavy in MYM

  1. _Vinchenzomix126_
    a0b8c06e-6d75-4ca2-83b6-43925d86152a (1).jpg

    I noticed this event is back,
    (excitement noise)
    and Im not gonna be a huge idiot wen it comes to making one of these submissions,
    (Im sorry about last year LeSwordFish and how I was a dumb ass)
    So, I made a Pyro with the Lolichop Licker cosmedic because it is one of my favorite cosmedics for Pyro and cause it looks like the face he would make when he saw that he won the War against Heavy in the Meet Your Match Update, (still salty about no Quick Play). Im glad to be here for a second year and hope to be here next year.