tf2 72h

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  1. FirstCool

    Spooky Deutchoween 2022-07-25

    Small artwor for the challenge Co-author:
  2. 'Decar

    Gods of the Game 505

    «Люди, которые помогли мне
  3. SreDver

    koth_rilsk A1

    Another koth map from lazy creator :D I will try to continue this map Map is located in Norilsk. 4small ammo 2medium helthkit 2small helthkit Credit: Idolon ======= Jusa ======= boomsta...
  4. kohaku gaming

    (Tf2jam) engineer retro gaming 2021-12-18

  5. Vecc

    can we stop for slushies? final

    WATCH IT ON YOUTUBE! In collaboration with my friend Hecate, they did the music you hear in the background! Animation and misc sound design done by me!
  6. murkm3rk

    Medic and Spyhead 2019-08-03

    No matter how many years have passed since the moment I ended up in Team Fortress 2 community, the Medic has always been, remains and will be my favorite character. To diversify her drawings, she decided to add him a wonderful “friend” Spyhead. I drew this art in 4 hours. Thank you for watching...
  7. Rody

    Run with the jam 2018-07-30

    scout, you better run faster.
  8. Sargent¥ (MCT)

    A Relaxing 2Fort Night 2018-07-28

    I was working on various things for Youtube and Twitch when I figured, while I'm working on art, I could make some artwork for the contest and go for it. So here it is, a nighttime in 2fort, fireflies roaming and a new day to look forward too! Thanks guys and have a good one!
  9. °SpukI°

    FURY, but with the TF2 characters 2018-07-27

    this is my first time on the 72h jam, I hope everything goes well :) tank: Enhanced Soldier: scout jacket...
  10. Dinomyte

    TF2Jam Entry: Neon Rebel 2018-07-27

    I have a fascination with the 1980's and synthwave bikers, so I created this. I listened to a few synthwave albums while creating this, to better fit the mood. I chose pinks and purples to make this image really pop, and scanlines to give that added effect. I drew my inspiration from Hotline...
  11. ethosaur

    [72hr] koth_gravelpass a1

    A small king of the hill map I made for the 72hour mapping jam. Sadly I ran out of time to add detail and props, but it should be mostly playable at a basic state. But it was fun joining in either way! I might try to finish this later. Thanks for checking it out :cookie: (Used ABS's Mappers...
  12. *❄ WoofleSnow ❄*

    [Drawing] Huggable Pyro 2017-08-07

    The pyro is a cute, huggable entity that deserves to be loved ♥ All art belongs to me!
  13. laelae

    Salty tears in a can

    This is a scout secondary reskin. It wasnt uploaded on the workshop cause of compiling problem that i dont know how to fix. I will upload it on the steam workshop when i fix the problem! :)
  14. Lawdee

    Busted! 1.01

    Figured I'd take part this time! I used Source Filmmaker and Photoshop for some post processing. Thanks to my friends on discord for advice on composition/posing and post processing!
  15. Vipes

    One Dandy Mundy v2

    He's a dandy guy, in Badlands. Based off of this image Colorized version
  16. TheSpyCrap

    Christmas Comes Early this Year 2017-08-06

    Mad about it being summer, and not winter? Here, have a gory shot of a rather-festive red soldier giving a floored blu soldier a shotgun induced haircut. There isn't very many posters that expand upon the cool (hehe) lighting you can make with the festive lights in SFM. I also thought that with...
  17. Golden Mann.

    Flare Face 2017-08-05

    I hope you enjoy :D I felt really bad so I couldn't make that good of an SFM.
  18. IrishDarky

    Chicken Delight! (TF2 72 hr Summer Jam) 2017-08-05

    Hey decided to chip in a bit of SFM art this year and I made a kind of goofy pic of the scout eating some chicken, took about an hour and I think the end product is pretty decent!
  19. Dr. Icesidio

    Paint Me Like One Of Your Boston B*tches 2017-08-05

    My Post for the 72Hr Event! I decided to draw The Running Jumping Speeding Shooting Man! Aka The Scout. Team Fortress has been a really fun ride for me, sure at the moment it's going through a bumpy time, but I see hope in the new Pyro Update, and I hope Valve will push through and make this...
  20. Dribbleondo - Au Yeah

    SIEGE_Crystalline a17

    Cap the point and push the Payload in this snowy (eventually) siege map. A game mode mimicking the same mode from Paladins. I loved the game so much, I thought i'd make a map out of it. Built up from a prefab made by Construction Zombie, because otherwise i'd be there forever working out how...