Pump a6

A koth map set at a water Pumping station

  1. a6 - update

    Whats new?
    • Increased point size
    • Placed block bullets brushes in "lobby" area
    • Clipped all brush stairs with block bullets
    • Overall clipping improvements
    • Minor Detailing
    Thanks to all the playtesters!
  2. a5 - Update

    Whats New?
    • Redesigned building behind the point
    • Made the map longer by 256hu
    • Removed the bridge that connected the high ground to the point
    • Added a ramp up to the high ground
    • Added a ramp up into the building behind the point
    • Slightly increased respawn times for defenders
    Thanks to all the playtesters!

    Updated Screenshots:


    1. pump_a5 (1).jpg
    2. pump_a5 (2).jpg
    3. pump_a5 (3).jpg
    4. pump_a5 (4).jpg
  3. a4 - update

    Whats New?
    • Improved lighting
    • closed a hole that looked weird
    • moved spawnpoint to be more in the middle and also shorter
    Thanks to all the playtesters!
  4. a3 - update

    What's new?
    • Added some hight variation in the room next to the point to make fighting in it more interesting
    • Optimised skybox
    • Changed the pile of coal infront of spawn to something more fitting to the theme
    • Deleted a health pack under the point
    Thanks to all the playtesters!
  5. a2 - update

    What's new?
    • added health and ammo around the map
    • made some areas larger
    • raised some ground next to the point for hight advantage
    • moved spawn doors
    • redesigned "lobby" area
    • removed health and ammo near point
    • reduced respawnwave time

    Thanks to all the playtesters!