Province A11

"There must be more to this provincial map!"

  1. The feel-good update

    • Tweaked respawn times.
    • Tweaked pickup locations/sizes.
    • Made the sizes of certain wooden support beams smaller.
    • Added a small platform outside of Blu's first spawn (in order to convince Red to hold forward a bit more).
    • Made a ramp on A -> B bigger, and changed the locations of signs around the ramp to encourage the use of a quicker route.
    • Added another arrow pointing right outside of Blu's first spawn.
    • Added a one-way window and a dynamic arrow for Red's first spawn/Blu's last spawn.
    • Added a window into the water route room.
    • Added a tiny bit of clipping before D.
    • Fixed an errant brush in Red's last spawn (which should prevent people from getting stuck when teleported there).
    • Miscellaneous changes.
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