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Latest updates

  1. The feel-good update

    Tweaked respawn times. Tweaked pickup locations/sizes. Made the sizes of certain wooden support beams smaller. Added a small platform outside of Blu's first spawn (in order to convince Red to hold forward a bit more). Made a ramp on A -> B...
  2. Less balance, more nightmares!

    You won't sleep well tonight, kiddo. Removed a barrier prop before A. Extended a sentry spot into an adjacent building. Changed the location of a sign pointing towards A (for clarity). Removed a barrier prop in B -> C, in order to make jumping...
  3. Let's keep those changes flowin'

    Moved small health pack at the beginning of the map Added a shed around A to help defenders Moved pickups around A Added a wooden platform to make travelling to B quicker for Blu and to assist Red players in not getting stuck in precarious...